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From All The Dirt! Racing News, 2022

CAMERON, WI – The formula for a winning engine program isn’t complicated or expensive if you put your trust in Adams Automotive of Cameron, Wisconsin.

Just ask Shane Sabraski, who won the WISSOTA Super Stock national point title in 2022 with Adams power in his #7A car. Sabraski runs a lot of shows, so he needs durability. And he runs against tough competition night in and night out, so he needs superior power.

Adams Automotive provides him with both.

Owner Todd Manley, who worked alongside founder Dave Adams for decades in the renowned shop, has continued to provide a huge number of WISSOTA racers with affordable, powerful Chevrolet and Ford racing engines this past year.

“Our customers appreciate that things haven’t changed here,” Manley said. “We didn’t set out to reinvent ourselves when I took over. I helped build this business with Dave and we’re doing the same things we always have. We provide more power for the dollar than virtually any other shop,” he stressed.

Manley puts it this way: “We don’t do anything tricky or put parts we haven’t researched fully into the engines we sell. We find out what produces the best, most dependable horsepower and build our engines with those parts.”

Dexton Koch, who was in the hunt for the 2022 Super Stock national title all year long, also puts his complete trust in Adams Automotive engines.

And Trevor Nelson, who had 20 Super Stock feature wins in 31 starts this past season and won the WISSOTA 100 championship, runs with Adams as well.

So does Kyle Copp, who won the Pro Stock (aka Super Stock) feature at the Legendary 100 in 2022.

In fact, five of the top 10 Super Stocks in the WISSOTA national points were Adams customers, including Sabraski, Koch, Nelson, Copp and Nick Oreskovich.

Adams builds some mean Modified engines as well, and might be most recognized for supplying Kevin “Buzzy” Adams with his race engines for his entire career.

In 2022, Justin Froemming moved up from the Midwest Mods to the A-Mod ranks and, with Adams Automotive power, topped the Silver 1000 at Halvor Lines (Proctor) Speedway. “They figured that car out and Justin was a bullet from that point on,” said Manley.

Some of the best WISSOTA Street Stock drivers also choose Adams Automotive Racing Engines every year for their horsepower.

In 2022, Jeremy Castro dominated action in WISSOTA’s far west region with his Street Stock. He finished third in the division’s national points on the heels of winning feature after feature.

And Maria Broksieck was a standout in South Dakota Street Stock action as well; she put her #14 into victory lane at several tracks.

“We’re thankful for all of our customers and congratulate them all on their 2022 seasons,” noted Manley. “We help a lot of really good race teams. They are just so dedicated. We love it when we open ATD and see all of our customer pictures in victory lane.”

Manley has continued the tradition - and great customer service - of the shop’s annual “western runs” so drivers from western Minnesota, the Dakotas, Montana and Wyoming can get their engines to and from Adams Automotive without having to travel to Wisconsin.

“We pick up engines in October, freshen them over the winter and deliver them back to customers in March,” Manley said of the popular service. New engines can also be delivered during the shop’s western delivery runs.

Whether you are thinking Spec or Concept, think Adams first in 2023. Adams Automotive builds for all of the V-8 classes in WISSOTA, everything from Late Models down to Pure Stocks, and is committed to keeping all of its prices very competitive on all packages.

If you are seeking affordable, dependable power, you can’t go wrong with an Adams Automotive engine under your hood – no matter which WISSOTA class you run.

The shop phone at Adams Automotive is (715) 458-2985 and the fax number is (715) 458-2883. The shop is located at 401 West Poplar Ave. on the north side of Cameron, WI - just a few miles down the road from nearby Rice Lake Speedway.

The shop phone at Adams Automotive is (715) 458-2985 and the fax number is (715) 458-2883.

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