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CAMERON, WI – The more things change, the more they stay the same. You’ve heard that saying before, and it applies more this year at Adams Automotive Racing Engines than ever before.

Technology changes, tracks change hands, new drivers enter and some leave the sport - but while all of that goes on, customers of Adams Automotive just keep on winning races across the entire upper Midwest.

Drivers from around WISSOTA country powered by Adams engines went to victory lane every week and at the end of the season were near the top of the standings nationally. Kevin “Buzzy” Adams was at the forefront again in 2017; the four-time national champion finished second in the WISSOTA Modified standings this past year. He also finished second at the WISSOTA 100. 

In the shop, located five minutes south of Rice Lake in the small town of Cameron, there was a transition. Dave Adams retired and Todd Manley, after 25 years working with Adams on every engine that went out the door, took over as owner last spring.

“It’s been an easy transition here, and customers probably won’t notice a single change,” Manley said. “I have been here, hands-on with every engine, for 25 years along with Dave, so very little has changed - except maybe now I answer the phone instead of Dave,” he chuckled.

“Our customers have already told me they appreciate that,” Manley said. “We aren’t trying to reinvent ourselves here - I helped build this business with Dave and we’re going to do the same things as always.”

Dave Adams had a philosophy about building race engines that he followed for 40 years, and it applies the same at the shop today as it did then. Dave said, “We don’t do anything tricky or put parts we haven’t researched fully into the engines we sell. We find out what produces the best, most dependable horsepower and build our engines with those parts.”

Manley will continue to do the same quality work he’s done at the shop since 1992, and will continue to do his “western runs” to both pick up engines in the fall for freshening and delivering them in the spring to customers in the western part of WISSOTA country. 

Ward Imrie, who tried an Adams Automotive engine for the first time this year, rattled off five or six straight wins right after putting in an Adams Modified Concept Engine. He went on to win the WISSOTA Modified national championship, while Kevin Adams finished right behind Imrie in second place with Adams engines as well. 

Four of the top 10 drivers in the final WISSOTA Super Stock national standings also ran Adams Automotive engines in 2017, including Cole Searing, Kevin Burdick, Shane Sabraski and Trevor Nelson. The Super Stock class has long been an area of expertise for Adams Automotive and any driver in the class who’s looking for something different in 2018 should give Manley a call at the shop.

Whether you are thinking Spec or Concept, think Adams first in 2018. Adams Automotive builds for all of the V-8 classes in WISSOTA, everything from Late Models down to Pure Stocks, and is committed to keeping all of its prices very competitive on all packages.

If you are seeking affordable, dependable power, you can’t go wrong with an Adams Automotive engine under your hood – no matter which WISSOTA class you are participating in.

The shop phone at Adams Automotive is (715) 458-2985 and the fax number is (715) 458-2883.



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